Living With Humans

Unsure how to live with roommates as an adult?
Moving into a new place with new roommates?
Living in a co-living situation already, but you don't know how to make it work?

Get the straight how-to from "Living With Humans"!
This book makes it work.

The how-to guide to everything "shared housing."

Nobody offers a course on how to live with roommates. There's no manual with guidelines on behavior or expenses.

Well, now there is.

Housing's expensive (but you knew that). To save money, many people in urban & suburban areas share a house/apartment with roommates.

Then you're hit with the reality. How do we make this whole situation work?

What if your roommate hates showering?

What if they party every other night? (It would be every night, but they need a "hungover day")

Who cleans the bathroom first?

Living with Roommates

Get the answers right here. "Living With Humans" covers:

  • How to find good roommates
  • Where to find a good rental property
  • What should (and should not) go in a rental lease
  • Sharing chores (and what to do when someone slacks off)
  • Paying bills evenly
  • How to move in and move out without gray hairs
  • And more!
Roommate Frustration

No matter what 'rental-hunting' stage you're in...

From looking for a new place, to dealing with a PITA roommate before he dances on your last nerve...

"Living With Humans" can help you figure it out.

Grab a copy today!

Having Fun with Roommates

Who Should Read "Living With Humans"

This book is NOT meant as a 'college roommate' guide. It's meant for adults in a shared housing situation. Like any of these.


Friends Getting a Place Together

"It'll be fun!" It can be, but only if you work it out right up front.

Homeowners Renting a Room

Extra income is great. Don't let it turn into a money sink.

Couples Needing to Save $$$

Roommates do lower long as everyone knows what to expect.

People in High-Cost Areas

Share the place, split the costs, enjoy the urban atmosphere.
About the Author

Hi, I'm Chris. I lived in shared housing for more than 20 years, in three regions across California. Houses, apartments, one roommate to five. Every type of housing arrangement. Along the way I recorded what happened, how I responded, and how it worked (or didn't!).

This book is the result. Over 100 pages of solid, no-BS truth on how to live with good roommates in a good rental property...and not go nuts.

Chris Williams


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